TMI Graduates Give Their Praise

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  • Christopher S. Wagner '86

    "TMI taught me to think critically, seek the underlying meaning and not things at face value. Most importantly, I gained the confidence and drive to pursue my dreams."
  • Col (Ret) George W. Skladal ’50

    "TMI showed me that the mind and body can accomplish anything if you have the guts and keep your eye on the bullseye."
  • CPT Felipe Galvan '91

    "There was always as sense of mentorship. We were all friends with upperclassmen, and when we were seniors we were friends with younger students."
  • Esther Murguia Garcia '81

    "When I think of TMI, I think of all the blessings in my life. My years as a student there shaped my future in ways I never imagined."
  • Frank Steed '53

    "TMI gave me the moral guidance and personal discipline to have a happy and successful life."
  • George Martin '58

    "TMI made boot camp seem like a resort, but it was the best two years of my life. It’s different today, and for the better."
  • George McCoy '66

    "TMI introduced me to education…and how to study."
  • Greg Soto '10

    "TMI encouraged being well-rounded, and helped me learn how to time manage and juggle lots of things at once."
  • Hamilton Rogers '12

    "TMI taught me most of what I needed to know to succeed in college!"
  • Jack Kallison '48

    "I enjoyed the high caliber of my classmates and what they meant to me before and after TMI. The college ROTC program at Colgate granted me two years credit for a four-year college ROTC program because I graduated from TMI. The courses at TMI, particularly Math, helped to prepare me for the business world later. The professors answered any questions that a student had."
  • James T. Willerson, MD '57

    "TMI's approach to shaping the minds and values of young people is vitally important to the cultivation of leaders for our state, our country and our world."
  • Joe Cohn '46

    "TMI taught me leadership."
  • John Neill '85

    "I was fortunate to have the best, most caring faculty ever… providing me great life lessons that prepared me for the life I have. Those friendships are everlasting."
  • Keli Hausman-Peña '00

    "The discipline for studies I learned at TMI better prepared me for completion of college, and now work and continuing ed."
  • Kristin Bourie Ehrhart '92

    "TMI shaped my life in ways that continue to influence how I live my life to this day: respect, understanding, and value for all walks of life."
  • Lisa Donovan Halfmann '77

    "TMI taught me leadership, teamwork, empathy, and the knowledge that my future was unlimited."
  • Mason Albaugh-Fonseca '09

    "Only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find his right road. Take care to carry yourself with honor and dignity."
  • Rev. Richard Aguilar '75

    "TMI gave me some of the best teachers and greatest friends in my life."
  • Richard Hayashi, D.D.S. '85

    "TMI built my character, taught me discipline, and skills for time management, all of which I used in my career."
  • The Rev. Peter R. R. Getz '66

    "Wishing and wanting will get you nowhere. Doing and learning will take you anywhere."
  • Trey Wilson '69

    "The discipline I learned at TMI has contributed to career success."
  • Walter N. Armstrong '61

    "TMI prepared me for life with close exposure to diverse personalities (classmates and teachers), academic support an encouragement, Christian oversight."
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