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TMI Announces Call of New Headmaster

TMI’s Board of Governors is delighted to announce that The Rev. Scott Brown has been called to be the next Headmaster of TMI – The Episcopal School of Texas. Brown, 41, is well known to many in the community, having served as Chaplain of TMI from 2004-2007.
For over nine years, “Father Scott” has served as Rector of St. Alban’s Church and School in Harlingen, Texas. He is an energetic, creative, and visionary leader of a thriving church (250 active families) and school (235 students). He is responsible for spiritual formation, long-range planning, pastoral care and counseling, parish administration and finances. During his tenure, the church has experienced a 38% increase in Sunday attendance, the school has seen an enrollment increase of almost 20%, and the operating budget has grown by 45%.
Brown is actively engaged in the life of St. Alban’s school by working closely with the Head of School, serving on the School Board, representing the school in the larger community, and ministering to students, their families, faculty, and staff. He works with the school administrative staff on a regular basis in all aspects from finances to strategic planning. He has led Vestry and School Board retreats in which the church and school identified core values and discussed how to be a congruent community in living out those espoused values. In his role on the School Board, he serves on the Executive Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Head Support and Evaluation Committee.
Father Scott describes his leadership style as collaborative, and prefers building strong teams over micromanaging. For almost ten years, he has taken a lead role in faculty in-service, equipping the faculty to better form students as they discover their own path to excellence and personal growth. He states, “I work with our school’s faculty and staff on a daily basis and am always mindful of my role for this community, especially our teachers. I believe that it is my responsibility to build up our faculty and staff, and to support them in their vocation.”
Brown worked closely with the leadership of the St. Alban’s community to lead a successful capital campaign for the church and school totaling $3,700,000. Of that experience, he says, “It was an absolute joy to be a part of this campaign and I loved the energy and enthusiasm that the construction brought to our community. Helping our community to set the vision, design the spaces, and accomplish the important work of the campaign was a rewarding and life-giving journey. I know that TMI is launching a capital campaign in the near future, and I look forward to working with the community to accomplish the needs and goals of the school.”
Father Scott adds this about his ministry to the students of St. Alban’s, “Whether it is leading chapel, teaching a religion class, or sitting down in the cafeteria with a class for lunch, being in conversation with students is a true gift. Leading students as they develop into their full potential in service and leadership is the most rewarding part of being on a school campus.”
Brown has been involved in some aspect of school ministry continuously since 1994. He has coached football and basketball at St. Joseph High School in Victoria, served as Assistant Rector at St. David’s Church and School in San Antonio, chaplain at TMI, and almost ten years at St. Alban’s Church and School. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Communications from the University of Houston in Victoria, and holds a Master of Divinity degree from the University of the South (Sewanee) in Tennessee.
In the intervening years since his departure from TMI in 2007, Brown participated in the Integral Leadership Program of the Stagen Leadership Institute in Dallas. By invitation only, he began the year-long program in 2011. Stagen’s clients are some of the most successful businesses in the country today, including a number of Fortune 400 companies.
Brown, who was the first clergy to ever participate in the program, earned a “black belt” from Stagen, a symbol of mastery that is handed out to only the top leaders in each class. He was then invited to join the Stagen faculty as the firm’s first-ever adjunct facilitator. Since 2013, he has taught founders, executives, and leaders a variety of tools and practices such as Attention Management, Escaping the Drama Triangle, Conscious Communication, Understanding People, Committed Action, and Meaning. He has also brought the principles and practices of Stagen to the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas by facilitating at Clergy Conferences and pioneering the Diocese’s Clergy Leadership Program.
Scott is married to Kimberly, whose family is from Utopia, Texas, ninety miles west of San Antonio. She is a Physician Assistant, currently working part time in the Emergency Department. Scott and Kimberly have three children. Sons Parker (13) and Christopher (11) will join TMI’s ninth and sixth grade classes next fall at TMI. The Browns have been involved in an international adoption process for over three years and God willing, their daughter Angelene (6) will be joining them from Haiti in early 2017. Scott begins work at TMI on March 1, working with retiring Headmaster John Cooper in the spring semester. Kimberly, Parker, Christopher, and Angelene will move to San Antonio after the school year concludes.
The Board of Governors will host a reception for faculty and staff to meet Scott, Kimberly, and the boys on Wednesday afternoon, December 7. Scott and his family will spend the day at TMI on December 8, and Scott will address chapel on Friday morning, December 9. Parents are especially invited to attend chapel on that day and say hello to the Browns.
Finally, Father Scott adds this, “I believe in encouraging by word and example; exercising daily the habits of good communication, mutual respect, and trustworthy collaboration; always striving to be a faithful steward of not only facilities and finances, but most importantly, the people I serve.”
Please join the Board of Governors in welcoming Scott and giving the Brown family a hearty TMI welcome.
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