Cadet Weekly Schedule and Uniform

Week Day
Monday 12:00 PM
Class B (Gray shirt - US, white shirt - MS, and blue pants)
Tuesday 7:40 AM
Army Combat Uniform (ACU) "Camouflage"
Wednesday  11:50 AM
Class A (Blue jacket and blue pants)
Thursday 7:40 AM
ACU (Camouflage)
Friday *** Business Casual (Dress slacks, dress shoes, TMI or Corps polo)

***All Corps drill and ceremony at 7:45 AM in the Rifle Range.

List of 4 items.

  • Class A Uniform

    1 Class A Hat or Bonnet
    1 Class A Jacket
    1 White Dress Blouse/Shirt
    1 Pair Blue Pants
    1 Pair Black Dress Shoes
    1 Pair Black Socks (No Designs)
    1 White Undershirt
    1 Black Necktie/Neck Tab/Bow Tie (Formal Events Only)
    1 West Point Belt
    1 Class B Belt

    Authorized outerwear is the trench coat.

    Silver ranks are worn on the epaulets. Cords are worn hooked under the shoulder and attached to the epaulet buttons. The name tag and TMI crest are worn on the right side of the jacket. Ribbons and medals are worn on the left side of the jacket. A name tag and shoulder ranks are worn on the blouse. The TMI west point belt is worn over the Class A jacket.
  • Class B Uniform

    1 Garrison Cap/Beret
    1 Class B Blouse
    1 Pair Class B Pants
    1 Pair Black Dress Shoes
    1 White Undershirt
    1 Pair Black Socks

    Authorized outerwear is the Army sweater, windbreaker, or trench coat.

    For enlisted Cadets, ranks are worn on the lapel of the windbreaker and the trench coat. For officers, ranks are worn on the shoulders. Shoulder ranks and a name tag are worn on the sweater by all.

    Shoulder ranks are worn on the blouse. The name tag, honor star, and TMI crest are worn on the right side of the blouse. Enlisted cadets wear the TMI crest and officers wear silver ranks on the left side of the garrison cap.
  • ACU Uniform

    1 ACU Cap
    1 ACU Jacket
    1 Pair ACU Pants
    1 Pair Tan Combat Boots
    1 Tan Undershirt

    The Authorized outerwear is a Gore-Tex Jacket, fleece, and an ACU Field Jacket.

    On the jacket rank is worn in the center of the chest, the name tag is worn on the right side, the TMI on the left side, and the TMI patch on the right shoulder pocket.
  • Cold Weather Uniform Options

    As the weather begins to change into the lower temperatures there will be many requests for cold weather clothing for the Cadets. The Cadet Handbook will highlight the authorized clothing while in uniform.

    The Corps will begin wearing the Class A Coat on November 11th and this coat will be worn every Wednesday until the end of the year. All Middle School Cadets are issued a Class A Coat and is property of TMI. All Upper School Cadets are measured and purchase their own coats. There is an option for Cadets to order the long sleeve white collared shirt for wear with the Class A Coat. Long sleeve shirts with creases are $25 each. 

    The Corps supply staff can issue a black windbreaker jacket with a removable liner to any Cadet that would like one. This jacket is the property of the Government and you will not be charged. However, this is an accountable item for the Cadets to keep track of, maintain, and return at the end of the year. 
    While in Class B uniform the Cadets are authorized to wear the black sweater or the black cardigan sweater. This is a special order item and must be ordered through the supply room. Turnaround time to receive these items is less than a week. The cost of the sweater is $42.00 and the cost of the Cardigan sweater is $50.00. 

    For the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Cadets are authorized to wear black/white/tan long underwear or black/white/tan thermal wear underneath the uniform as long as the tan t-shirt can be seen under the ACU blouse. There is an option to purchase an Army cold weather fleece for this uniform at a cost of $72.00. 

    During physical fitness time in the Corps the Cadets are authorized to wear the TMI or Corps sweatshirt (which is for sale in the armory or the school sweatshirts are available at the spirit trailer), solid gray/black pants and the black watch cap will be on sale in the armory in the next few weeks. 
    For ALL uniforms, Cadets are authorized to wear gloves as long as they are solid black in color.
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How to join the Corps

Upper School students, contact: 
MSG Gooding
(210) 564-6121

Middle School
 students, contact: 
CPT Michael Escalera
(210) 564-6122
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