Come Dine with Us!

Welcome to SAGE Dining. TMI Episcopal and SAGE Dining Services are pleased to be offering your student a community inclusive dining program. SAGE Dining Services has been serving independent schools since 1990. Their chefs take a healthy approach to preparing the food they serve. An in-house chef will prepares entrees, soup, salads and sandwiches daily.

Lunch is better than ever

SAGE offers a daily salad bar with an abundance of crisp greens, fresh vegetable toppings, homemade specialty salads and healthy dressings. On the Classic Cuts Deli® bar, students can create their own favorite sandwich. An assortment of fresh breads, high quality lean lunch meats, deli salads, and the finest cheeses are presented. Fresh toppings and condiments will be offered for students to complete their creation. Fresh fruits and home baked desserts are offered to complete the lunch. A large selection of beverages, including all milks, juice, juice drinks, and other beverages will also be served.

Wake up with breakfast at TMI

TMI and SAGE offers a full menu of breakfast favorites every day. A healthy breakfast in the morning helps students excel academically. They’ll feel better, be more attentive and more likely to engage in physical activities. It’s a great way to wake up their bodies and minds.

Enjoy breakfast, pick up a Breakfast Card in the Business Office

SAGE Dining is open everyday from 7am-7:45am to serve breakfast in the Alkek Refectory; breakfast items are for sale a la carte. Breakfast items include: egg/bacon or bean/cheese tacos for $1 and cereal, hash browns, fresh fruit, and sausage for 50 cents each. Students must use a breakfast card to purchase breakfast items in the refectory; breakfast cards may be purchased in the Business Office, located in Ayres Hall, in $5 increments.

Staying for Dinner?

SAGE provides a full dinner for Residential Life students. Dinner is covered as part of the cost of tuition for all Residential Life students, faculty and staff who live on campus (and their families), and for faculty and staff members who are helping Residential Life Students during study hall or attending a MacArthur Dinner (contact the Director of Residential Life if you plan to attend a MacArthur Dinner).

Other students and faculty are invited to enjoy dinner on campus for just $5.00. This is a great opportunity for regular day students and faculty to enjoy dinner when staying late for games, practices, and other evening activities. If you are part of a larger group that doesn’t regularly eat dinner in the Refectory but you will be needing dinner on a certain date, you may contact Maria Jimenez, Director of Food Services — SAGE Dining, at 210-564-6109 or to plan accordingly.

SAGE encourages students to make healthy choices

SAGE promotes healthy eating and nutrition education and color codes our menu offerings to highlight the healthy food choices at every meal. This program encourages students to select lower-fat items, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Our goal is to provide healthy, delicious meals that minimize the use of processed foods and avoid trans fats.

STOP ...means these foods should be eaten in moderation. They do not have many healthy nutrients. Try to eat red dot foods only a couple of times a week.
SLOW ...means these foods have important vitamins and minerals. Most of the foods you choose are probably labeled yellow.
GO ...means the food is very healthy for you. These foods are full of vitamins and minerals that you need to be healthy and strong. Choose these foods as snacks, and to add color to your meal.


Contact SAGE Dining

Maria Jimenez, Director of Food Services
Office: 210-564-6109
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