Upcoming Summer Enrichment Opportunities:

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Note: These trips are available to TMI students, however, the trips are not sponsored by TMI. Please see details for each trip for information about the sponsoring organizations and all travel information. 

Sign up now for our exciting Summer 2019 "Servant- Leader Adventure". The UPPER SCHOOL will be going to GUATEMALA where we will will be working with community schools and service organizations, experiencing Anglican worship in a new cultural context, and enjoying the country's natural and cultural beauty on hikes and excursions (June 4-9, $1350 + Airfare). For Upper School (rising 9th-recent graduates), give your $500 first payment to Fr. Nate (n.bostian@tmi-sa.org) or Mrs. Carter (t.carter@tmi-sa.org) ASAP: First deposited, first served! Then get your sign up form from Fr. Nate or Mrs. Carter, or download below.

Dominica Summer Science, June 17-29, 2019


Summer Science Research and Learning Opportunity

Do real research in the field! Take advantage of this opportunity to participate in active field research by travelling with the Upper School to the island of Dominica, where students will spend two weeks working with Operation Wallacea on rainforest and reef ecology. June 17-29 th for rising 10 th – recent graduates, $3500 (includes airfare and SCUBA certification, must be 16 years or older to participate).
  • Rain Forest ecology course
  • Monitor whale populations
  • Earn a PADI open water dive qualification
  • Caribbean reef ecology course

Dominica Trip Information:

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  • Led by Operation Wallacea

    Operation Wallacea (Opwall for short) is a conservation research organization that provides student volunteers the opportunity to work on real-world research programs alongside academic researchers. Opwall is also associated with the Wallacea Trust, which uses Opwall data to help with environmentally sustainable economic opportunities in developing nations. Opwall trips are two weeks long, providing time for true immersion in research and in local communities.
  • General Information for Dominica Trip

    Students participating in this two-week long UPPER SCHOOL trip must be 16 years old by June 2019 (rising 10th - graduating seniors). It will take place June 17-29. The cost is approximately $3500 for food, lodging, activities and airfare, including SCUBA certification.
  • Educational and Research Goals

    The educational objectives, in brief, are to:
    • Attend lectures/workshops on island biodiversity and Caribbean flora and fauna
    • Learn survey methods to sample habitat, birds, reptiles, invertebrates and freshwater fauna
    • Join a mammal research boat monitoring the resident sperm whale populations off the coast of Dominica
    • Participate in ocean acidification research at the unique Champagne reef
    • Earn a PADI open water dive qualification
    • Participate in the Caribbean reef ecology course
    Research in Dominica
    Current research objectives are centered around the impact of hurricane Maria, which hit Dominica in the summer of 2017.
    Additional objectives include:
    • To investigate the impact of the invasive Puerto Rican crested anole (Anolis cristatellus) on the endemic Dominican anole (Anolis oculatus).
    • To establish a freshwater biotic index for the rivers and streams on the island in order to assess the health of freshwater environments and monitor possible future change. Evidence for the existence of the invasive, non-native crayfish (Procambarus clarki) will also be investigated.
    • To add to knowledge about the distribution and diversity of some of the lesser studied taxa on Dominica, including the terrestrial invertebrates.
    During the marine portion of the trip, the research will involve participating in a monitoring and recovery program for areas of the coral reef and to investigate the effect of ocean acidification on marine invertebrates.
  • Payments and Signup

    Interested students may sign up here.

    There will be an informational meeting for parents and students on May 9, 2018 in Coates Hall room 210 at 7:00 p.m. For any additional questions, please contact Rob Friedrich at r.friedrich@tmi-sa.org

    Operation Wallacea Terms and Conditions
  • Passports/Visa/Travel Warnings

    You must have a valid US Passport with at least one page available for entry stamp. No Visa is required for US citizens. There are currently no travel warnings, and we will be staying in known areas, and working with organizations with a known track-record for safety with student science travel.

    This information applies to US Citizens ONLY. If you or your child is not a US citizen, please consult with your government as soon as possible about requirements to travel.
  • Vaccinations and Health

    No vaccinations are required beyond routine vaccinations. The CDC suggests that travelers be up to date, and recommends to "most travelers" that you get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and Typhoid. As in most Central American Countries and the Southern United States, there is a low chance of getting Zika or other mosquito-based tropical diseases.

    More information on health and safety is available at:

    CDC Traveler’s Health Information Page for Dominica

Roman Spain, May 30 - Jun 7, 2019

Roman Spain

Learning Objectives:
After touring the largest collection of ancient Roman monuments in Spain, students will gain an understanding of the importance of the Roman Empire in Spanish history. Students will learn how the unique culture of Andalusia was formed through the blending of Iberian, Roman and Moorish tradition. Students will have an introduction, through art, to the Spanish Royal Families and the role of the current Royal Family in Spanish society.

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