Clubs & Organizations

Each year, students have the opportunity to develop and lead an extra-curricular club, with the approval and supervision of a faculty club sponsor. At the beginning of the school year, students will be able to submit their club idea. If approved, students will be able to promote their club during the annual Clubs & Organization Day (typically in September). 
American Sports Analytics Club (Upper School – Tony Marchiano)
Baking Club (Middle & Upper School – Sherry Lim)
Book Club (Middle School)
Chess Club (Upper School – Travis Waddington & Eric Drake)
Chinese Club (Upper School – Eric Drake)
Debate Club (Upper School – Daniel Forman)
Fantasy & Sci-Fi club (formerly Dead Mytho-poets Society) (Upper School – Kellie Meyer)
Fishing Club (Upper School – Polo Gutierrez)
Friends of Rachel (Upper School – Nate Bostian)
Good Neighbors (Upper School)
Hide & Seek Enthusiasts Club (Upper School – Brian LePort)
Improv Club (Upper School – Brian Palandri)
Interact (Middle & Upper School – Daniel Forman)
International Club (Upper School – Clive Hamilton)
Junior Statesmen of America (Upper School – Luis Murillo)
Latin Club (Middle School)
Latin Club (Upper School – Alleyne Rogers)
Model UN (Upper School – Luis Murillo)
National Spanish Honor Society- Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (Upper School)
Nintendo Club (Upper School – Mark Philippi)
Photography Club (Upper School – Hahhah Cooper-McCauley)
Politics Clubs (Upper School)
Robotics (Middle School)
Rocketry Club (Upper School – Eric Drake)
Rowdy Club (Upper School – Amanda Quiroga)
Sleep Club (Upper School – Lisa Condrey)
Spanish Club (Middle School)
Spanish Club - Club de Español (Upper School – David Archer, Sofia Gonzalez & Janet Kessler)
Spanish Chat Club (Upper School – Sofia Gonzalez & Jodi Meyer)
Student Interfaith Alliance (Upper School)
Tech Club (Upper School – Brian Palandri)
TMI Dodgeball Association (Upper School – Kathleen Underwood)
Weird Fruit Club (Upper School – Polo Gutierrez)
Ultimate Frisbee Club (Upper School – Mark Philippi)
MISSION: TMI provides an exceptional education with values based on the teachings of Jesus Christ that challenge motivated students to develop their full potential in service and leadership.
Notice of Non-Discrimination

Based on receipt of federal financial assistance through a Paycheck Protection Program loan administered through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) under the CAREs Act, the School acknowledges its obligation to prohibit discrimination, harassment, or retaliation on the basis of race, color, age, national origin, sex, citizenship status, genetic information, handicap or disability in admissions, access, employment, tuition assistance, educational policies, or other school administered student and employee programs and activities. Questions regarding the School’s compliance with the application and administration of the School’s nondiscrimination policies should be directed to Matt Duke, Chief Business Officer, (210) 564-6140,, 20955 W. Tejas Trail, San Antonio, TX 78257, or to the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) or to the SBA. Please refer to the School’s SBA Non-Discrimination Compliance Policy on the School’s website for information on how to file complaints with OCR or the SBA.

This notice will remain in effect until the School has satisfied and paid off the SBA Paycheck Protection Loan.
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