TMI's Elite 8 Athletes

Created in 2005, the Elite 8 award is given to a graduating senior who in his or her time at TMI has earned at least 8 varsity monograms. It is the highest award bestowed upon a TMI student-athlete. Note: Students must compete in the sport and letter; managing a sport does not apply.

List of 14 items.

  • 2017-2018 Award Recipients

    Ana Ross – 12 Letters – 4 years of Cross Country, 4 years of Swimming and 4 years of Track
    and Field
    Robby Devlin – 10 Letters – 4 years of Cross Country, 4 years of Swimming, and 2 years of
    Track and Field
    Olive Stevens – 10 Letters – 4 years of Soccer, 2 years of Track of Field, 2 years of Fall
    Cheerleading, 2 years of Winter Cheerleading
    Kayla Wisnowski – 9 Letters - 4 years in Fall Cheerleading, 4 years in Winter Cheerleading and
    1 year Track and Field
    Ricky Knight
    – 8 Letters- 4 years in Football and 4 years in Track and Field
    John Michael Lopez – 8 Letters - 4 years in Track and Field, 3 years in Football and 1 year in
    Mary McCafferty – 8 Letters – 4 years in Volleyball, 3 years in Swimming, 1 year in Track and
    Eliose Owen – 8 Letters - 4 years in Soccer, 3 years in Track and Field, and 1 year in Cross
    Caroline Peterson – 8 Letters - 4 years in Fall Cheerleading, 2 years in Basketball, and 2 years
    in Winter Cheerleading
    Brittany Schur – 8 Letters - 4 years in Fall Cheerleading, 4 years in Winter Cheerleading

  • 2016-2017 Award Recipients

    Mary Sophia Bodden – Softball 4 years, Volleyball 2 years, Cheer 2 years
    Abigail Dickie – Basketball 4 years, Volleyball 3 years, Softball 1 year
    Emily Gaines – Cheer 7 years, Softball 3 years
    Elizabeth Holmes – Cross Country 4 years, Track 4 years
    Joshua Kercheville – Tennis 4 years, Soccer 2 years, Football 1 year, Golf 1 Year
    Humberto Lobo – Tennis 4 years, Cross Country 2 years, Track 1 year, Soccer 1 year
    Noah McLaughlin – Soccer 4 years, Football 3 years, Tennis 2 years
    Armando Merlo – Soccer 4 years, Football 2 years, Golf 2 years, Track 1 year
    Austin Miller – Cross Country 4 years, Lacrosse 3 years, Soccer 1 year
    Royya Osouli – Track 4 years, Swimming 2 years, Volleyball 1 year, Cross Country 1 year
    Curtis Small – Lacrosse 4 years, Basketball 3 years, Football 1 year
    JuliaGrace Walker – Track 3 years, Swimming 2 years, Basketball 2 years, Cross Country 1 year

  • 2015-2016 Award Recipients

    George Bodden, Jr.
    William Cruse
    Lauren Devlin
    Sarah Dickie
    Saad Ehsan
    Marisol Esquivel
    Nicolas Gomez
    Ashley Kim
    Haley Leyendecker
    Garrett Lindemood
    Moramay Orquin-Braunstein
    Courtney Schmuck
    Skyler Waltrip
  • 2014-2015 Award Recipients

    Nelson Black
    Hailey Carter
    Daniel Charlton
    Katrina Christian
    Aaron Cornelius
    Zachary Evers
    Markell Henderson
    Chris Lopez
    Armando Martinez
    Juan Carlos Merlo
    Elise Notzon
    Taylor Smithson
    DeAndre Wilson
  • 2013-2014 Award Recipients

    Christophe Bernier – Cross Country, Soccer, Track and Lacrosse
    Berkeley Brown – Cross Country, Tennis and Track
    Jonathan A. Clark – Lacrosse, Swimming and Cross Country 
    Steven Constantin – Football and Baseball
    Taylor Devlin – Volleyball, Basketball and Softball
    Keely Gomez – Cheerleading, Tennis, Soccer and Track
    Jay Cody Key – Soccer, Lacrosse and Football
    Falon Little – Cross Country, Track, Soccer and Swimming
    Chris Pietraszkiewicz – Cross Country and Track
    Wallace Schmuck – Football, Soccer and Baseball
    Chuy Suday – Football and Lacrosse
  • 2012-2013 Award Recipients

    Jose De Alba – Soccer and Lacrosse 
    Drew Fox – Football, Basketball and Baseball
    Daniel Gonzalez – Football and Track 
    Katie Hazzard – Cross Country, Soccer and Softball 
    Garrett Notzon – Football, Basketball and Baseball 
    Lunden Owens – Volleyball, Cheerleading and Soccer 
    Emily Schlosberg – Soccer and Track 
    Blake Smithson – Football, Soccer and Lacrosse 
    Cade West – Football, Soccer, Golf and Baseball
  • 2011-2012 Award Recipients

    Samantha Cox – Volleyball, Soccer and Softball 
    Alexander Hager – Cross Country, Swimming and Track 
    Celine Olivarez – Cheerleading 
    Rainier Osouli – Cheerleading 
    Kayla Riley – Volleyball, Soccer and Softball 
    Elizabeth Spencer – Volleyball and Basketball 
    Taylor Watts – Cheerleading 
    Shane Winter – Basketball and Lacrosse
  • 2010-2011 Award Recipients

    Issac Sandoval – Soccer and Lacrosse
    Stephanie Miles – Volleyball and Soccer
    Rachael Cawthon – Student Trainer, Basketball and Softball
    Carli Domenico – Cross Country and Soccer
    Gabriela Esquivel – Cross Country, Soccer and Track
    Dillion Lawler – Cross Country, Soccer and Track
    Spencer Romo – Football, Basketball and Lacrosse
    Sean Smith – Football, Soccer and Lacrosse 
    Jake Watts – Football, Basketball and Lacrosse
  • 2009-2010 Award Recipients

    Alex Grizzle – Volleyball and Soccer 
    John Rowdy Key – Football, Basketball and Lacrosse 
    Cheyenne Mangold – Cross Country, Soccer and Track 
    Emily Parke - Cheerleading 
    Austin Carr – Football, Basketball and Baseball 
    Alex Perotti – Football, Basketball and Baseball 
    Emily Richardson - Cheerleading 
    Paulina Roman - Cheerleading 
    Greg Soto – Football, Soccer and Lacrosse
  • 2008-2009 Award Recipients

    Christopher Cawthon – Football and Lacrosse 
    Hunter Cofoid – Soccer and Lacrosse 
    Katherine Rhodes – Basketball and Softball 
    Jessica Riley – Volleyball and Softball 
    Alexander Stewart – Basketball and Lacrosse 
    Michael Tawil – Football and Lacrosse
  • 2007-2008 Award Recipients

    Nick Bastoni – Cross Country and Soccer 
    Megan Hanson – Volleyball and Soccer 
    Dalton Kane – Football and Soccer 
    Robert Rhodes – Cross Country and Baseball
  • 2006-2007 Award Recipients

    Haile Daniels – Volleyball and Basketball 
    Paul Flanders – Football, Basketball and Lacrosse 
    Richie Foster – Cross Country and Soccer 
    Millie Freeman – Volleyball and Basketball 
    Kelsey McCarty – Volleyball and Soccer 
    Mallory Wersonske – Volleyball, Basketball and Softball
  • 2005-2006 Award Recipients

    Ashlyn Abell – Volleyball and Swimming 
    Susie Cabrera – Cheerleading and Tennis 
    Amanda Catalani – Cross Country and Soccer 
    Lauren Deuterman – Cross Country and Soccer 
    Emily Conrad – Volleyball and Basketball 
    Debbie Palacios – Soccer and Softball 
    Andy Heres - Cross Country, Soccer and Baseball 
    Brendan Nolan – Football and Lacrosse 
    Greg Schneid – Cross Country and Baseball 
    Braden Wersonske – Football, Basketball and Lacrosse
  • 2004-2005 Award Recipients

    Marc Domenico – Football and Baseball 
    A.J. Gutierrez – Football and Soccer 
    James McDonough – Football and Lacrosse 
    Grant Pruitt – Football and Golf 
    Sandy Reynolds – Soccer and Cheerleading 
    Rachael Taber – Cross Country, Swimming, and Cheerleading 
    Brandon Taylor – Football, Basketball and Baseball
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