Mission of the Parent Advisory Council

The mission of Parent Advisory Council is to provide a forum for members of the council and administrators to discuss broad policy issues that affect the daily lives of students and families in the TMI community. The Council consists of four parents (two from each Division; appointed by the President of the Family Association), the President-Elect of the Family Association, the Heads of Middle School and Upper School, and the Headmaster.

Note: While policy issues are the focus of the Parent Advisory Council, student- and family-specific questions/concerns should be handled through the normal chain of command (i.e., the student and/or parent should talk directly with the teacher or coach; if further attention is needed, the issue should be raised with the Department Chair or Division Head; if even further attention is needed, the issue should be raised with the Headmaster).

How to bring issues to the Parent Advisory Council

Parent who would like to submit a broad policy-level issue to the Parent Advisory Council may use the online form below to submit an issue. If your question or comment is specific to a specific event or in regards to a teacher or department, your issue will be redirected through the proper chain of command as noted above.
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