Requirements for the Independent PE program:

  • Upper School students must participate in a structured sport with a qualified instructor through a company or organization in order to be eligible. Students cannot receive Ind. PE credit for a sport or class that we offer unless they have or will play the sport for TMI Episcopal during the school year (sports in which we make cuts will be exceptions if the student tried out for the team but did not make it).
  • Students must practice a minimum of 5 hours a week with the instructor.
  • Students must have competition on a regular basis. A minimum of five competitions are required within the season.
  • Students must complete the independent PE process prior to the seasonal deadlines. This includes:
    • Filling out the Ind. PE form and getting the necessary signatures.
    • Writing a one page paper to be submitted with the form that lists hours of practice, practice structure, level of competition, history in the sport, goals for the season, and location of practices and competitions. An actual schedule from the coach or organization should accompany this.
    • Meet with the Athletic Director prior to the deadline to discuss paperwork, expectations, and requirements for full credit.
    • Submit a complete list of competition dates and results at the end of the season.

Deadline to submit application for Independent P.E. credit

Applications will be accepted twice per year and are due:

Important Information

The whole process must be completed BEFORE the seasonal deadline. This includes having all required paperwork and documents in with the necessary signatures and Athletic Director's Approval. It is the student's responsibility to verify with the Athletic Director that they have been approved for the credit prior to that season's deadline. For questions regarding the Independent PE process, contact Athletic Director Becky Geyer at 210-564-6191.

Drop/Add: From the first practice or class meeting, the student has two weeks to drop/add from one activity to another. A roster is set two weeks after the first practice session or class meeting. The student is expected to finish the sport season after he or she has been given a place on the team roster. If a student drops a sport or a PE class after the roster has been set, the student does not receive a PE credit. A student may not drop one sport and join another sport in the same season once the roster has been set.

Registration: The student will attend the first practice. The coach will copy the roster to the Athletic Director, who will in turn, send a copy to the Registrar’s Office. The roster will be official after two weeks.
Goal of the Athletic Department - to provide a competitive athletic program to student-athletes, to motivate student-athletes to be their best, to emphasize fundamentals, teamwork, work ethic, sportsmanship, and commitment.
The mission of TMI is to provide an excellent educational community, with values based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, challenging motivated students to develop their full potential in service and leadership.
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