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Meet the Head of Upper School, Matt Blake

Matt Blake Head of Upper School

Matt Blake
Head of Upper School

It is my honor to welcome you on behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of the Upper School of TMI Episcopal. TMI’s Upper School has some 325 students in ninth through twelfth grades. Our Upper School students are challenged daily to meet high standards of academics, character, behavior, and participation in co-curricular activities. Despite our relatively small size and low student-to-teacher ratio, our students are offered a great variety of courses, sports, clubs, activities, and leadership opportunities. All of our students experience this in a loving, Christ-centered atmosphere, in which they attend daily chapel, serve as lay readers, take classes in religious studies, and are otherwise educated in the knowledge and love of Christ.

The academic program of TMI’s Upper School is a demanding college-preparatory one in which all courses are designed to prepare students for admission to and success in universities near and far. Our curriculum currently offers 28 honors courses and 25 Advanced Placement (AP) courses. TMI students are challenged not just to meet minimal standards of learning but rather to develop their higher order thinking skills in applying their knowledge through analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

One of the unique characteristics of the TMI experience is that of Senior Chapel Talks. As juniors, our students begin work on a lengthy, reflective paper in which they describe life lessons that they have learned through on-going experience or a single life-changing experience. After many revisions and coaching, each of our seniors then presents their speeches in front of our entire student body and faculty, offering the younger students insight and sage guidance. The Senior Chapel Talk is an invaluable experience both for the students presenting and the underclassmen who learn from the wisdom and advice of our oldest students.

Our graduates not only gain admission to, but leave TMI thoroughly prepared for success at many of the finest and most competitive admission universities. As a typical example, the graduates of the TMI Class of 2016 gained admission to 386 schools and earned over $9.25 million in college scholarship offers. That degree of academic admission and scholarship acquisition is facilitated by the close, personal guidance that our students receive in college counseling. Our college counseling staff works very closely with students and parents beginning as early as ninth grade.

TMI’s Upper School is blessed to have a devoted and truly impressive faculty of dedicated and highly qualified teachers. A large percentage of our faculty hold graduate degrees and several have taught at the university level. Our teachers take an individual interest in their students and encourage and guide them on a personal basis. Our advisory program offers each student a particular teacher to track his or her academic, extra-curricular, and social progress. This close, personal communication with students and parents is a hallmark of our Upper School and TMI as a whole.

Ultimately, the goal of the TMI Upper School experience is to produce servant leaders, and, as such, opportunities for leadership development abound in the Upper School. Equally within the Corps of Cadets and our non-corps or civilian student organizations, there is a great variety of opportunities for students to get involved and develop these skills that they will carry with them and that will serve them throughout their lives. Following the mantra that to whom much is given, much is expected, we strive to produce graduates who will not only be successful in college and their careers but also be a blessing of service and leadership to their communities. We look forward to seeing you join us.

Yours in Christ-centered education,

Dr. Matthew Blake

Head of Upper School

Head of Upper School

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Matt Blake, Ed.D.

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MISSION: TMI provides an exceptional education with values based on the teachings of Jesus Christ that challenge motivated students to develop their full potential in service and leadership.

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